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Desk of the Commander

     Feb 18, 2018

Happy almost spring time. Some of you are still having a bad winter. Ours has been mild.

Here in Oregon we got our “Atomic Veterans Memorial Highway” signs up on I-5. They were put up February 1st. They are 4’X 8’ signs Between Albany and Salem approximately 20 miles of I-5.

Morgan Knibbe of Denmark made a video “the Atomic Soldiers” It was first shown at the Rotterdam film Festival. It was then picked up by True/False film festival in Columbia, MO and will be shown March 1-4. Morgan has asked for veterans to be present for a Question and Answer section after the showing. NAAV’s board in sending me to this showing.

This Years convention will be in Portland, OR. September 12th, 13th and 14th, at the Monarch hotel. We will visit the Evergreen Air and Space Museum, where the Spruce Goose is stored. Then off to the Oregon Gardens. More will be in next newsletter.

May 11th, Keith Kiefer and I, along with our wives will be going to the British Nuclear convention in London. We will go to Paris and Meet the Commander of the French Nuclear Veterans and invite them to our convention. Maybe we can have a 3 country get together. Keith and I will be paying for our wives to join us on the mission.

It is beginning to look like we will have a busy summer this year again

     Fred Schafer

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