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Desk of the Commander

September 18, 2018

We had our 39th convention in Portland, Oregon. We had a grand time and a great convention. We had a 5 nation convention including the British, French, French Polynesia, Marshall Islanders and United States. We reelected the same board members, Fred Schafer, Frank Farmer, Haskell Watts and Robert Pfiefer. And we elected 4 new officers. National Commander Keith Keifer, Vice Commander Fred Schafer, co-Treasurer is Fred Schafer and Frank Farmer and board member at large Robert Pfiefer.  New officers will take office on October 1, 2018. We had a very informative Convention with several speakers.

Barbara and I entertained the 5 wonderful British, Alan and Mel Owen, Sandie Hern, Erik and Janet Barton. We showed them the Pacific Ocean, took them Whale watching, Showed them Our American Legion in Lebanon Oregon. We kept them traveling and sightseeing for the 7 days they were here. The Hardest part was putting them back on the plane and sending them Home.

I thank the Board for the opportunity of serving this last four years as National Commander. Now I will support Keith Keifer to continue our growth.

Thank you

     Fred Schafer

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