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Desk of the Commander

     January 2017

Happy New Year to All. Hope all are well and ready to get going.

We are looking forward to a great year with more states getting July 16th designated as Atomic Veterans Day in their state. We hope we can get this day recognized in 15 States. Then we should be able to have Congress put it on the federal calendar. This will be a big job for the State Commanders so please contact your representatives by phone and e-mail to help get this done.

We have to start all over again on the Atomic Veterans Medal. It was shot done in the last minutes of last year’s bills. Please contact your members of Congress and Senate to get them on board. We need all of our members of Congress and Senate to sponsor and co-sponsor these bills. If we want these bills passed, each and every one of us must support NAAV and contact our representatives in Congress and Senate. Don’t hope others will do it for us. Contact your state commanders and volunteer to help. The NAAV Board has approved that the Armed Services Committee members receive our newsletter.

We are in contact with the Marshall Islanders to work with them getting their bill passed in Congress, more to come from the Marshall Islanders soon.

Some of our wives are busy setting up the 2017 Convention in Branson, MO for the middle of September, more on this next newsletter.

NAAV main goals for this year:

Get several more states to make July 16th Atomic Veterans Day for each year forward. State Commanders, you have your work cut out for you.

Getting the Senate and Congress to pass the bill titled “Mark Takai's Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act”

Helping the 1977-1980 Cleanup Veterans become recognized as Atomic Veterans.

Passing the Atomic Veterans Service medal.

We'll contact members and all, as soon as we get bill numbers, so you can contact your members of Congress and Senate to ask them to co-sponsor and vote for the bills.

Helping veterans and family members file claims and help the Atomic Veterans who need help.

Also, working to help the Marshallese people receive health care benefits and drivers licenses.

Continue looking into the NAAV 2020 Convention March 1st in the Marshal Islands.

National Commander of the National Association of Atomic and Nuclear Veterans

     Fred Schafer

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