National Association of Atomic Veterans, Inc.

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Desk of the Commander

     May 28,  2017

We have several bills introduced in federal and state Committees this year.

We hope that several will get passed and become law.

Here in Oregon we have a bill in committee to make a section of I-5 Atomic Veterans Highway, approximately 20 miles long from Salem to Albany Oregon. Several other states are working on July 16th as Atomic Veterans Day annually.  We are also working on Atomic Veteran service Medal.

I am very proud of our State Commanders and each member for their efforts.

We have gotten our tax-exempt status reinstated after several attempts, so all donations are tax deductible.

Convention 2017 is well on its way. Sept 13th, 14th and 15th in Branson MO. This should be a lot of fun for many. Last year we had approx 35 members and wives attend. This year we want to set a new record with at least 50 veterans and spouse’s attending

We have just appointed Robert N. Celestial as the Area Commander to Guam. If you visit be sure to contact him, and tell him thanks for his support. I hear he is an excellent tour guide.

     Fred Schafer

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