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Happy Valentine’s Day

Well the Holidays are over with and time to relax and get back to keeping NAA&NV busy.  Here is to a very prosperous year. The Board members wish to thank all of the membership for their help in this past year to keep growing.

We have sold most of the Challenge coins. We will be starting a new Challenge coin this spring. It will be Crossroad shot Baker

We also have a new patch that you can iron on or sew it to your jackets. It is 6”long and 1 inch wide. It says Atomic Veteran ? This will give you a chance to explain to people what we are. They will cost $10.00 and include shipping.

Membership continues to grow and the items in the store continue to sell. Also several donations have come in.

Now is the time to start working with you states and Federal Congress to Get July 16th as atomic Veterans day annually.  I can send you a copy of what Oregon got passed on July 16th. Also get a section of Highway to become Atomic Veterans Memorial Highway. Work with you members and get member to get current in dues, just $ 25.00 will get you current. Please update your info. Phone numbers are not current. E-mail or call with that info. When you send in dues let us know of any changes.

Thank you members that send in extra dues ear marked for helping someone that needs help with their dues and other support of NAA&NV.

We have a lot of events planned for this year, and we are here to help any one that wants help. Just let us know.

Keith is planning a great convention in the middle of September so keep these dates on your calendar clear so you can attend.

Thank you

Fred Schafer
NAAV National Vice Commander

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