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Hope all are doing Great, with this virus all around us. This staying at home is hard to live with. This Virus is very strong this fall and winter, so please stay SAFE. I received my First dose of Moderna Vaccine, My second dose is due on 3-20-21. Maybe we will be able to have a convention this next Aug. We will still have to be careful, Wear mask. If we have a convention, this will not be like a normal convention.

Keith Is staying busy with a lot of projects. He is a very busy person. We need to thank him for the time he spends doing what he does.
This Year has gone by very fast. Like most of you probably, getting things caught up around the house. Those projects that I have been putting off, are getting done now.

Membership continues to grow and the items in the store continue to sell. Keith Has set up an account to pay your dues online, or order from the store and want to pay online call Keith. His phone # is 612-232-6596.

I will repeat this. “Keep working with you states and Federal Congress to Get July 16th as Atomic Veterans day annually. Also get a section of Highway to become Atomic Veterans Memorial Highway. State Commanders PLEASE Please Make contact with your members and get members to get current in dues, just $ 25.00 will get them current. Please update your information. If your phone numbers are not current, E-mail or call with that information. When you send in dues let us know of any changes.

Thank you to members that send in extra dues earmarked for helping someone that needs help with their dues and other support of, Please make checks out to NAAV. Not to me.

Remember when you send in a check for your annual dues please send in your phone number and e-mail address. a note on how the money is to be used. Let’s help update the Data Base.

A big Thank you to the State commanders and members that have supported NAAV.

Thank you

Fred Schafer
NAAV National Vice Commander

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