From the Desk of the National Commander, Nov 2023

As you read this quarter’s newsletter, you’ll find it’s been a very busy three months. Atomic Veterans Day; keeping on top of moving our legislative Bills; planning, implementing, travel and wrap up of the NAAV Convention; preparation, travel, attendance of the AVCSM Award Ceremony; and writing articles for and preparation of the newsletter. (This is not all of the list.) I believe all those that attended really enjoyed this year’s Convention and AVCSM Ceremony.

At the convention, we launched a new look and feel to the NAAV Website, as well as, a DNA Testing program at a significantly reduced price. I encourage members to check the website out and you and your family participating in the DNA Testing. (Page 7) & (Pages 5 and 6)

Please support the legislative efforts by calling your Federal Senators and House member to support our Bills. (Page 6)

Unfortunately, with the increased costs of postage, printing and other supplies, we have had to raise the annual and lifetime membership rates. It has been well over a decade since we last raised these rates. (Page 11)

If you have had the VA deny a claim for Prostate Cancer or other form of Cancer, please contact Steve Johnson. We believe there is a pattern of blanket denial. If this proves to be the case, then we may be able to cause an investigation into this practice. (Page 9)

Thank you to all of the individuals that donated items to NAAV for the auction. Your generous donations helped offset convention costs and NAAV operational costs. (Page 9)

Five individuals were acknowledged for significant achievements, contributions and outstanding dedication to Atomic Veterans at the NAAV 2023 Convention. Unfortunately, due to errors, the plaques were not available to be presented and will be forthcoming. (Page 9)

Please keep in mind the following dates:

  • Coast Guard’s Birthday August 4th
  • Final Capping of Ruint Dome Sept. 6th
  • US Air Force’s Birthday Sept. 18th
  • International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Sept. 26th
  • Navy’s Birthday Oct. 13th
  • Daylight Savings Nov. 6th
  • Election Day Nov. 8th
  • Marine’s Birthday Nov. 10th
  • Veteran’s Day (observed) Nov. 10th
  • Veteran’s Day (traditional) Nov. 11th Space Force’s Birthday Dec. 10th

Don’t forget all of the Veteran’s discounts available and the many companies that provide free meals on and around Veteran’s Day.

Thank you to those supporting the organization and your fellow Veterans.


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