Children and Grandchildren of Atomic Veterans

patch for children of atomic veteransIf you are on this page and are a child or grandchild of an atomic veteran, here are recommended resources and information about a survey for you to complete.

  • Children and Grandchildren of Atomic Veterans  –  Genetic damage in offspring due to radiation exposure is well known, but not well documented for access. Critical information is required for these casualties to pursue proper medical care and resources. This is a robust site.
  • Examine Your Genetic Nuclear Legacy – Exploring the aftermath of trauma in families. iGlow and the International Center for Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma invite you to complete a study for children of people who experience nuclear radiation/fallout exposure. This group is supported by NAAV, Labrats, and Still Glowing. Please complete the questionnaire at Be sure to explore this site.
  • – As a legacy project, recognizes that nuclear weapons, energy, including their fuel chain and waste sectors, carry inherent risk factors for ionizing radiation exposure to occur. Many families are experiencing the transgenerational fall-out now. Raising awareness that modern genetic research and testing has solutions can help us help ourselves.
  • Labrats represents nuclear veterans, atomic veterans, scientists, civilians, and their families across the world who have been affected by the Atomic/Nuclear Testing program. We are one big family, connected together with one common bond. Our Education, Recognition and Awareness program is a new ERA for the community.
  • “Aftermath” – From the July 23, 2020 issue of By allowing our understanding of radiation’s health effects to study their suffering, atomic bomb survivors have transformed our understanding of radiation’s health effects.

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