How to Become a Member

NAAV offers membership to any veteran who was assigned to participate in a nuclear device detonation event or who may have been involved in post event assignments associated with  the  U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing Program from 16 July 1945 to 23 September 1992, or any veteran whose assigned duties included association with nuclear reactors on aircraft carriers and submarines, or the assembly, storage and deployment of nuclear weapon devices,  or who may have been involved with Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions events during and after the first Gulf War, or the surviving spouse or child of a deceased Atomic Veteran.

Other categories of Atomic Veterans, although not necessarily military, are those involved in the manufacture, handling, distribution, transporting, testing, and those in the proximity of any device which emits radiation. Other sources of radiation which may pertain to the above personnel may be in areas where depleted uranium has been utilized in the manufacture of weapons used in the Gulf War and elsewhere; nuclear-powered subs and other vessels; nuclear-powered generators and nuclear power plants; X-ray technicians and other medical personnel.

Download membership application (pdf). To pay online call Keith Kiefer at  612-232-6596.

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